Monday, 28 January 2013

Osaka Airport Limousine Japan- How to Get from Osaka Airport to Osaka City

An Osaka airport limousine bus can take you from the point of arrival to your accommodations in Japan. There is one main organization in the city of Osaka that offers this service to visitors to the area. They serve both local and foreign tourists- individuals who are visiting from another part of the country and persons who are arriving from overseas.

The Osaka Airport Limousine is a stylish air conditioned bus that will take you directly from the Itami airport or the Kansai airport. If you desire, it will also take you back to the airport when you are ready to leave Osaka.

Osaka Castle

Osaka- Photo Credit Dalai_Alana

The Osaka Airport Limousine is operated by the Osaka Airport Transport Company. The company sets fares according to different criteria, such as the age of the traveler. Children under a year old travel free. Children under twelve pay half of the adult fare.

Major credit cards are accepted at the ticket counter. Tickets usually cost less than USD$25. For example, if you are planning on shopping in Osaka and your destination is Namba, you will pay about 620 yen (approx USD$8) for your ticket.